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Everything is the truth.

Artists' Book: Screenprint, Rubber Stamp, Box; 2013

The 24 truths included in the artist book 'Everything is the truth.' were collected during a multilingual performance titled Certifying the Truth at the Sir JJ School of Art Annual Exhibition in February 2013. During that performance I offered to certify the authenticity of any statement that was presented to me as the 'truth' by the audience.

'Everything is the truth.' is a Marathi-English publication that recognizes that the truth is a variable, fluid concept. The selection of 24 truths are contradictory akin to opinions and views of their authors. The interactive format of the book allows for a non-hierarchical viewing in which no one truth is elevated above any other truth and neither Marathi nor English is favored.

'Everything is the truth.' was printed in collaboration with Clark House Initiative at the Sir JJ School of Art Printmaking Studio, Mumbai, India in July 2013. Sachin Bonde, Nikhil Raunak, Mangesh Kapse, and Prasad Nikumbh were the printing assistants for the project. JJ Gregg designed the box. Lastly, Professor Vinod Kambli was responsible for the large task of translating and transcribing the contents of the book.  This project was made possible by a Fulbright-Nehru Fellowship.


This project was featured in the Mumbai Mirror and Outlook India.  I have also written and spoken about this project.

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