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Our Bodies Know the Way,
Collaboration with Cal Lawton

Performance, 2020 - 2021

Our Bodies Know the Way is a celebration of the end of the world. This performance is staged in three parts, which allows us to embody the elements of grief, disorientation, and joy necessary to peer into the future. The three stages of this performance are non-linear and vary with each performance.  They explore weight and bounty; stretch and containment; and construction and absurdity.  The props and costumes used in Our Bodies Know the Way are designed to underscore the mechanisms of connection, including the beauty of flow and the urgency of separation.

Weight and Bounty (2-sided mask) and Hug Suit were conceived by Cal Lawton and Cayla Skillin-Brauchle and skillfully constructed by Cal Lawton.  This piece debuted at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art in April 2021.  Weight and Bounty has been shown at University of Texas, San Antonio Art Gallery and Southeast Missouri State University.

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