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YUM YUM: Rules for Din Din

Performance Event with Potluck Collective, 2017

YUM YUM: Rules for Din-Din is a participatory dinner where how
much you eat and what you eat depends on a series of challenges.
Based in play but pointing to more complicated issues including,
access and equity YUM YUM gathers a group of diners together,
and forces them into both competition and dependence in order of
achieve a common goal: that of eating a meal. Potluck Collective

invites you to take up the challenge.

Potluck Collective is made up of :

Sinead Cahill
Angel Chen
Annalise Deppmeier
Breanna Doss
MK Guth
Peri Hildum
Abigail Lahnert
Genevieve Lawrence
Haley Macke
Erica Meier
Thea Phillips
Ant Proctor
Cayla Skillin-Brauchle
Arthur Stamey-Mills
McKenna Watkins
JT West

 Created and performed in the Willamette University Art Department as part of MK Guth's residency in ARTS 331: Installation Art taught by Cayla Skillin-Brauchle.  This project was funded by a Mellon Foundation Learning by Creating Grant.

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