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Data Driven


The inspiration for DATA DRIVEN is two-fold: First, this exhibition is inspired by infographics and visualizations of data.  In a time when the dissemination of information is acutely political, I find myself looking at the aesthetics of data differently.  Second, I am compelled by the knowledge that data is derived by combining our individual responses to questions into a collective version of the truth.  As such, it allows us to consider our own individual experiences, the individual experiences of others and how we might make sense of them collectively.


My drawings, which directly reference charts and graphs mostly published in the New York Times, ask viewers to be engaged with the process of looking and understanding.  To this end I alter or enhance the graphs with perspective drawing techniques and mixed media interventions, emphasizing that close looking and investigation can lead to comprehension.

This project was presented at the Sleeth Gallery at West Virginia Wesleyan College. Artwork for this project was made possible by a Mellon Liberal Arts Research Community Grant and a residency at Playa.

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