2019 - Ongoing

Locating draws inspiration from data, geography, and an urgency to combat feelings of estrangement born out of our current social and political environment.  Locating uses the metaphor of honing in on our personal coordinates as a strategy to find common ground; the exhibition explores this through a variety of expressive media including objects, garments, photographs, and a series of drawings called Maps for the Future (things we need to practice).  These drawings meditate on concepts such as congregation, porousness, gravity, ascension, proximity, dismantling, and observation. Questions central to this project include: What kinds of skillsets or mindsets do we need to practice to build a more just and equitable future?  How can the study of natural systems (e.g. mycology, the flow of water, or survival tactics of insects) inform paths towards human cooperation?  How can sensation be practiced as a tool for personal growth?

Locating was scheduled to open in April 2020 at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art, but has been postponed until April 2021 due to COVID19.  Artwork for this project was made possible by a Djerassi Residency​.