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2019 - 2021

Locating draws inspiration from visualizations of data and geography, interpersonal conversation and exchange, and an urgency to combat feelings of estrangement born out of our current social and political environment.  Locating uses the metaphor of honing in on our personal coordinates as a strategy to find common ground.  


Within Locating I am interested in subtle shifts in positionality that can create room for cooperation and symbiosis.  I explore this idea through a variety of expressive media including objects, garments, photographs, a series of drawings called Maps for the Future (things I need to practice), and the performance Our Bodies Know the Way.


My curiosity as an artist drives me to take my conceptual research interests and explore them through different media and performance lenses. Projects grow from questions rooted in our lives. Locating was born in 2019, when the world felt like it was going to burst. The political sphere stretched daily, enveloping extreme viewpoints seamlessly; the environment teetered and crashed with continuous natural and manmade disasters; the racist, sexist, and ableist foundation of the United States of America was more and more obvious.  

In response to a world and climate that felt untenable, Locating serves as an avenue to think through a more just and sustainable future. Within this exhibition you will see visual and conceptual experiments, illustrations of learning(s), evidence of attempts to unlearn, wayfinding devices, fantastical scenarios, celebrations of a life lived, and more. 

Locating was shown at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art in April and May 2021.  Artwork for this project was made possible by a Djerassi Residency​.

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